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Pyrite Studs
“ Only the strong go crazy. The weak just go along. ”
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But the wage gap varies significantly by race, according to an analysis from the research organization AAUW. While white women experienced that 78 percent figure, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander women made 65 percent of what white men made in 2013, African-American women made 64 percent, American Indian and Alaska Native women made 59 percent, and Hispanic women made just 54 percent. Asian-American women are the only group doing better than white women, making 90 percent of white men’s earnings.

Woah, staggering.
“ White men in North America are the beneficiaries of the single biggest affirmative action program in world history. It’s called world history. ”

Michael Kimmel, Lecture at Dartmouth College, July 8, 2013 (via lorelei-y)


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Model: Lorelei
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David Agbodji | Photo: Miguel Reveriego

Demian Dine’ Yazhi’Untitled (For Andrea Smith), 2012Letterpress print on Stonehenge paper / white / 250 gsmThe text was hand-set in Futura Condensed / 36 pt.

In Sociology, this week’s module is on propaganda and marketing.  For homework, we were asked to make a poster for an imaginary campaign either for a made-up product or a current social issue.  This is mine.  

@ DKNY. NYFW SS 2015

The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 (2011) dir.Göran Olsson
“This whole, kind of, falling in love with black things for a short period of time is essentially racist. It still is hypothesized on a great sense of separateness and a sense of treating black activities as a kind of curiosity; either benign or threatening, one or the other. When it’s threatening, ‘Oh my god, they’re going to riot or something’. And if it’s benign, ‘Let’s let them paint or draw or sing or dance, whatever they want to do. Until we, the white community, get tired of it’ and that whole structure, is essentially racist.”